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  Edition # 146  
San Francisco, 12-20-2022

Figure [1]: Michael is at the old Apple Campus "Infinite Loop".

The phone number of my cell phone, which I also used privately, I was allowed to transfer to a newly established and paid for monthly mobile contract. In the employee shop I bought myself a new laptop. I had to give back the company laptop. I gradually cleared out my cubicle, now there is a bicycle and two skateboards at our home.

I'm currently enjoying my new found freedom, already in the second month. It's great that I now have the time to finally do tasks that have been postponed for years. Whether it's reupholstering the dining room chairs or fixing the tap of the sink that no longer closes properly, or making a few videos about cooking German recipes with American ingredients or finally writing our newsletter in peace: every day I tick off at least one task from a list of hundreds of entries. Let's see how this develops. And of course there's still time for surfing.

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