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  Edition # 2  
San Francisco, 03-17-1997

Figure [1]: The current Californian earthquake map in the internet: http://quake.wr.usgs.gov/recenteqs

You can imagine for sure that Michael found it all very exciting and adventurous. His comment on the issue was that he had never experienced an earthquake before and this was consequently a unique opportunity to him. I slept badly all night always feeling as if I was falling into a bottomless hole in the ground.

So what do you do the following day after an earthquake? You thoroughly watch any vibrancy, any movement, any shaking. For the umpteenth time you think about the safest place in the apartment and that we bought a dining table that even can be pulled out to give space underneath to potential guests. You really wonder if it was that clever to put all these pictures on the wall and give grace to yourself that you finally didn’t put the picture with the heavy frame above your bed. You wonder if the TV really is on a safe place on that shelf. You curse the overground electricity cables that might hit you severely at the next earthquake. Further more you question yourself if you shouldn’t take an earthquake survival class and if statistics on earthquakes are trustworthy. To sum up, I’m totally fed up with earthquakes and I truly can go on without another one.

Thanks to Boris Kleinbach, kleinbach@ymail.com for translating the original German text to English.

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