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  Edition # 2  
San Francisco, 03-17-1997

Figure [1]: Baker Beach in San Francisco. Windy, but nice!

This weekend, we had another tiny adventure. Since Michael’s friend and coworker is currently on vacation, he graciously lent us his car, a van. We once used it to go shopping, when suddenly two police cars stopped a another van on a different lane. One of the cops stopped his police car crosswise behind the van and the other one in front of the van, the cops jumped out of their cars and opened the door of the van in an instant and, without saying a word, handcuffed the driver. We were right in front of the scene. You might think it’s a movie scene but it’s reality. Michael assumed merely that we were lucky that the cops didn’t stop our van by accident. Imagine if they would have handcuffed us instead!

Thanks to Boris Kleinbach, kleinbach@ymail.com for translating the original German text to English.

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