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  Edition # 50  
San Francisco, 05-18-2004

Figure [1]: One of the candidates: Mini skirt from the frog's perspective.

First, the 14 young and dynamic candidates filtered from 215,000 applications were divided into two teams: 7 women and 7 men each formed a group. As a team, they had to tackle small business tasks such as renting an apartment, selling lemonade on the street, running a restaurant or casino for a day, or organizing a golf tournament. The losing team had to appear in the "Board Room" in front of Trump with the previously determined project manager and two other candidates, and then Trump "fired" someone for not performing.

Figure [2]: The two men are "Apprentice" candidates and are selling lemonade on the street. The lady with the concrete hairstyle is Trump's briefcase carrier, overseeing the action.

Interestingly, the women won one challenge after another, following the motto "Sex Sells" -- at Planet Hollywood they visibly excited male customers to buy expensive liquor, and a gold bar dealer nervously looked into the camera as they performed daring exotic dances to lower the sale price. At a victory celebration, Trump then intervened and made it clear to the ladies' team that they didn't need to prostitute themselves like that.

Figure [3]: The dreaded "Board Room", where the failures are fired.

It is noticeable that Trump is an amazing manager with excellent personnel management qualities. He leaves nothing to chance. The show is an efficient advertising campaign for his empire, which is rumored to be in financial difficulties. Unscrupulously, advertising is done for his casinos, real estate companies and even his business buddies; some advertising agencies get a free appearance at prime time.

However, it seems that there is a very authoritarian climate in the Trump empire. Everyone talks to Trump as "Mr. Trump" as if he were the emperor of America. Even his two "executive" briefcase carriers, who allegedly manage some of his businesses, are competing to flatter their boss. This so-called "brown-nosing" was news to me in America; my relationship with various bosses has been more comradely. But maybe I'm spoiled by an internet company, and I usually don't hang out in the upper floors. In any case, I wouldn't last two days with the sycophants in the Trump empire. And I've been with AOL for almost seven years!

Figure [4]: The gesture of "You're fired!" when Donald Trump gives someone the boot in "The Apprentice".

However, Trump suffers from a bad case of what we call "cow taste" in Germany. Everything that is supposed to look luxurious is loaded with gold and plunder, bending and breaking, and each of his offices looks like Circus Circus in Las Vegas. And his hairstyle is already legendary bad. So bad that late-night show host David Letterman already held a quiz in which candidates had to guess which hairstyle belonged to a chimpanzee and which belonged to Donald Trump at half-covered photos. Pretty tough!

Furthermore, he allegedly wants to patent the expression "You're fired!" in America as part of the general patent hysteria. Read it quickly in the newsletter before the lawyers of the Trump empire intervene!

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