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  Edition # 135  
San Francisco, 09-11-2020

Figure [1]: Even in bright daylight, there are sideshows happening on public streets in San Francisco.

Michael A few weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to the infernal noise of revving muscle car engines and tires screeching over asphalt. No doubt, underoccupied juveniles, usually drag racing their cars and doing donuts on empty supermarket parking lots at night had discovered our idyllic neighborhood for their illegal activities.

Figure [2]: On the next day, the traces of nightly sideshows were apparent on our neighborhood streets.

And while it's pretty common in our area that soccer moms coasting through stop signs are pulled over mercilessly and slapped with $400 tickets, the police did not intervene with the donut drivers at all upon arrival. Neighbors had called 911, but when SFPD arrived, they only blocked off traffic at the affected intersections and let the smoking tires enthusiats do their thing. Police patiently waited out, until the crazies were done with their show, and then let them pass with impunity, when they drove home full throttle through series of red lights and stop signs.

Figure [3]: Stubborn Noe Valley residents insist that police funds need to be cut.

This also illustrates nicely that San Francisco has now effectively established a two-class system: Laws apply to the wealthy, and the poor are encouraged to endulge in lawless activities without consequences. "Victimless crime" is the new District Attorney's spin on it, an individual named Chesa Boudin, voted into office by clueless idiots in an election with record low voter participation.

On paper, organized street racing is of course illegal, if caught and prosecuted, drivers would face fines, losing their license, or in severe cases even serve jail sentences. But San Francisco police has recentely established a new policy, and is no longer confronting these lawless drivers to avoid escalations. Instead, they divert traffic around those lawless events to avoid accidents. That's the bizarro world we've gotten used to living in, unfortunately.

In some jurisdictions, even watching a side show can be an illegal act. For example, last year, the city of San Jose (40 miles south of San Francisco) passed a bill to fine spectators during side shows up to $1000 or even put them in jail for six months! Well-situated citizens better head home once the tires start screeching!

Greetings from the most absurd city on earth:

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