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  Edition # 103  
San Francisco, 09-21-2013

Figure [1]: Delicious raw tuna prepared with soy sauce: Shoyu Poke.

Angelika We discovered the Hawaiian dish "Poke" (pronounced "po-kah") on one of our trips to the islands and since we're both really into raw fish and Japanese cuisine, it really hit it off with our taste buds. It's a very traditional and common fish preparation technique on Hawaii, where you can buy it at any supermarket's Poke counter, similar to cheese or meat counters in Germany.

Figure [2]: Even Costco in San Francisco started selling Poke at 15.99 Dollars a pound.

Poke means "cut into small pieces", and the traditional preparation is cubed raw tuna, with added sauces and spices, like soy sauce, sesame oil, sea salt or Hawaiian sea weed (limu). In some variations, the connoisseur finds the mild and almost sweet tasting Maui onions, or garlic. And there's even Poke made from other types of fish, like octopus ("tako poke").

Figure [3]: The supermarket "Don Quijote" in Honolulu offers at least 20 different kinds of poke at the poke counter.

Whenever we're on Hawaii, we eat Poke almost every day, and when we're back in San Francicso, we miss having it. But Michael discovered the other day, that his beloved Costco supermarket in San Francisco actually started selling freshly made Poke. Not in as many variations as on Hawaii, but it's a start. We started having Poke on the weekends here now every now and then, it's delicious!

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