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  Edition # 98  
San Francisco, 11-03-2012

Figure [1]: The controversial cartoon character Speedy Gonzales.

Michael Who's the the fastest mouse in all Mexico? If you're about our age, you know the answer: Speedy Gonzales. The carton series ran on German TV during the 70ies of the previous century and was greedily absorbed by the editorial team bringing you these lines. "Arriba, arriba, andalé, andalé!" the mouse kept screaming in Spanish, which means "Let's go" or "Hurry up", well, does this ring a bell now? The sombrero wearing mouse zoomed through the stories at breakneck speed and kept outwitting and outlasting the slower cat Sylvester.

Figure [2]: The Song "Speedy Gonzales" by Pat Boone.

Warner Brothers produced the cartoon back then in the U.S., but today they're keeping the formerly successful series under wraps. None of the major broadcasting channels in North America shows it anymore. Reason is that the series cultivates prevalent preconceptions about South Americans. Speedy talks with a mexican accent, he's lazy, likes chasing women, and his friends are heavy drinking crooks.

Singer Pat Boone released a song named "Speedy Gonzales" in 1962, which made the number 6 spot on the Billboard Charts. The lyrics go "You better come home Speedy Gonzales, away from tannery row. Stop all of your drinking with that floosie named Flo!".

However, Speedy Gonzales fans can still watch many episodes on Youtube. And, ironically, it's still a big hit on South American TV today.

Greetings from the storm-shaken (only on the East Coast, not us) country during the hot phase of the election campaign:

Angelika & Michael

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